[Book Review] In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney

In the Company of Women is like a hundred beautiful Instagram posts combined into one printed book. Visually stunning and overall, inspiring. Continue reading “[Book Review] In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney”


[Feature] Trivial Laws, Paradoxes and More

Society is a weird concept. As unpredictable as it may seem, it does follow specific rules. And I am not talking about pure and applied science rules (physics and mathematics). No, I am thinking about behavioral, economic and psychology sciences. As a computer science and statistics major, I rarely get to study human behavior. To fill the gap, I enjoy reading books and wikipedia pages to learn about interesting trivial hypothesis. Below is a list of my favorite trivial facts I believe everyone should know!

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[Blog Reads] April 2018

Get excited cause this is April’s Blog Reads list! The month is passing so fast as I am ending my 4 months internship. Hence, I am writing my April post in advance. Here is a quick list of what is happening in the computer science and data science worlds.

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[Book Review] The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

I am hoping to keep the good habit of reading books and reviewing them until the end of the summer. For the second book of this series, I decided to read the well-established Best Seller “The Millionaire Next Door”, first published in 1996.

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[Feature] Favorite Computer Science Related Youtube Channels

For this week, I thought I could share my ultimate list of Youtube channels to follow. For a procrastinater like myself who spends way too much time on Youtube, I struggled at first to find good computer science related channels. Luckily, with time, more industry professionals and amateurs are sharing their knowledge on the video platform. Hopefully, you can find some new gems to watch through this post. Continue reading “[Feature] Favorite Computer Science Related Youtube Channels”

[Book Review] What Happened by Hillary Roham Clinton

As I spend many hours on Reddit, Quora, Medium and Twitter, I have accumulated a long list of books to read. Indeed, commenters online love to share their advice on which books to read, and I, love to try out new suggestions. These days, I summoned in myself the courage to go through some of them. The first book is “What Happend” by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Continue reading “[Book Review] What Happened by Hillary Roham Clinton”

Complete Statistic Project on Tourism Dataset

Hi! Excited to announce that I finished my latest side project. I always wanted to do an in-depth and complete statistics project. This one was pretty long to complete as I had to go through every step of a proper project. Continue reading “Complete Statistic Project on Tourism Dataset”

[Blog Reads] February 2018

I started to notice that more and more of my posts are shifting toward data science articles. It is not only because of my strong interest in the subject, but also because there are a high quality of good content coming from this field in the last few years. Everyone is saying that data science is becoming competitive and more saturated of amateur data lovers. I have to agree. Until I become a specialist myself, I just wanna join the troops of data lover. ^^ Continue reading “[Blog Reads] February 2018”

[Reviews] February 2018 Books Reviews

Image result for Alibaba The House that Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark

For this month’s book readings, I decided to add a rating system because the list is made of books I sadly did not enjoy as much as I hoped. Although it is up to the reader to try and see if they will enjoy the content (no two readers will have the exact same view), I thought that this would help me convey both positive and negative opinions without sounding too harsh. Here, I am introducing two books about two successful businessmen: Alibaba’s Ma Yun and Omaha’s Warren Buffet. Continue reading “[Reviews] February 2018 Books Reviews”