[Book Dropped] The New New Thing by Michael Lewis

Here is my quick first impression review for the book The New New Thing by Michael Lewis. This week’s book was disappointing, but I still felt like writing a blog post for it. Michael Lewis is the author of the acclaimed book Liar’s Poker so I thought he would know how to write about Silicon Valley. It is not that he did a bad job, but the book in general just wasn’t a personally enjoyable read.


If you went through my blog already, you probably noticed that I also reviewed a book called Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst by Dan Reingold. I chose this book among other similar books talking about the harsh life of the stock market. The other few books I comtemplated reviewing were Liar’s Poker, Monkey Business and House of Lies. All had the similar guy who didn’t fit in at first changing to become a harsh shark in the world of Wall Street. All good in their own rights, but they left me displeased with the sensation that these people were all greedy for money, didn’t have any conscious nor desire to cooperate and were all after the same goal of becoming richer and richer. Hence, Dan Reingold felt like a great break from them as he was a lot more down to earth, but still gave an accurate point of view about the business world.

When I saw that Michael Lewis, the most popular author of our four books mentionned above, I thought he probably know what he was doing! He followed the founder and mastermind behind billion dollar company Netscape for years to write this masterpiece so I better have my hands on it and start reading!

The book didn’t feel like it taught me anything. It was just about a greedy pretentious programmer, in love with machines and transportation, seeking to use other people’s skills to get even richer. A interesting character, but not someone I felt like reading throughout the whole book. This book was written like a novel and it has a messy start. It barely introduces us to a proper setting or the character involved and passes way too much time talking about the sea and its temperature. Not a fan. I read two chapters, went through the book quickly and decided to drop it. Neither the author Michael Lewis nor Jim Clarks seem to have an welcoming and open-mind, which makes means that it is to the reader to get into the novel. It was not my case so I decided to drop it.

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