[Technology] Introduction to Machine Learning by R2D3


I love going on various websites and blogs to read about other people’s projects and ideas. This new interactive website created in 2015 by D2R3 simply introduces the visitor to the magic science that is Machine Learning.

Here is a the link to the project. Definitely try it out first! *_* It is created by two young professionals, Stephanie who uses R2 to analysis data and Tony who uses D3 to visualize the results. What an amazing team they are!


Last year, a Google employee came to my campus to talk about Google’s work with advertisement and Machine Learning. Eager to learn more about this buzz word and because they were offering free pizzas, I happily signed up to go listen to the talk. At the say event, I was disappointed for many reasons. Too many students came and I weren’t able to get a slice of pizza was already a bad start. But then, the employee of Google’s talk was not very … informative? He started talking about his education path, his work at google and then, passed 2 minutes to say how powerful Machine Learning was and then, paf! started the promotional work on why it would be a great idea to work at Google. I am studying Computer Science so I already know the immense qualities Google has as an employer. I am here to learn about Machine Learning! And I felt like I learned nothing much.

That is why I loved this interactive presentation so much more! It gives a perfect introduction to machine learning, shows the power of data visualization (especially when it is interactive) and just made me want to learn to use this tool too!

Machine Learning is all about finding patterns from past/current data and then forecast this pattern to other samples, often in the future and the unknown. In that regard, here are two quotes I wanted to join with my first post about Machine Learning!

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” by George Santayana

“I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.” by Patrick Henry




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