Back To School Studying Techniques

It is the beginning of the new semester and depending on the region you are at, some students are already back in the classroom.  As I read tone of blogs and articles online, I often come across some brilliant studying tips that are worth sharing with others. Here is a post to prepare all my fellow students to the back to school event. Don’t worry, university life is fun and to enjoy it, you just need a bit of organization! Continue reading “Back To School Studying Techniques”


[Book Review] The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos

This week’s book is The Master Alogirthm by Pedro Domingos. I wanted to read a machine learning focused book and this was named as one of the best introduction level book about the subject. And it sure was a great introduction level book, because it didn’t turn around and went right into the subject. It was obvious this man knew what he was talking about. Continue reading “[Book Review] The Master Algorithm by Pedro Domingos”

[Book Review] Women In Tech by Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack

The book Women In Tech by Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack had all the elements to be a good read for me. I was looking for a woman oriented book, about their success in the world of computing and technology. Sadly, my expectations were not met through it and although a few chapters were interesting, many didn’t appeal to me the right way. Continue reading “[Book Review] Women In Tech by Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack”