[Studying Tips] “Grades Do Matter”

As all good list should be done, here is a comprehensible list of studying techniques for everyone to refer to! I put all the advice I received and learned in bullet forms and categorized in five: Place, Socializing, Planning, Studying Tips, and Life Style. Understand them and try to apply some (there are too many so chose what works for you!). Soon you will see results. Once again, happy back to school!


  • Don’t study for long stretches at a time. Remember to take breaks.
  • Sit in front in class, ask questions, be there every time, and relate to the professor. genuin2ely.
  • Go to a crowded part of the library with some good classical music and headphones.
  • Go to your library if it is finals week (or crowded) even better.
  • the quietest most remote corner of the library, preferably in the basement
  • No more excuses of, “maybe if I change spots”, or “I’ll just go meet up with so and so”.
  • Keep your room well lit and adequately ventilated.
  • A white board
  • Put on your day wardrobe


  • Interacting with your professors helps immensely. Make your presence known to the teacher
  • Drop the class if the teacher is too harsh or you are the only one in class struggling
  • Talk with people as much as you can during the first two weeks
  • Take advantage of your professor’s office hours, free tutoring, free counseling, campus events, etc.
  • Make a friend in every class. That is your hw/text/study/sign me in buddy.
  • Talking to your fellow classmates about the exam will help you calm down.
  • Make a promise/appointment with others to study together (study group).


  • Start early, Go to Class, listenin class
  • Make studying a habit: plan studying period every day.
  • I took meticulous notes and when I got home I typed them out. Each morning I went over them while having coffee.
  • Use a Calendar / Agenda
  • Divide the work
  • When you feel like studying, do it!!! It is such a hard feeling to have.
  • Don’t ever, EVER cram for a test.
  • Really you want to be studying every day throughout the semester, so by the time you get to exams you are revisingwhat you already know well.
  • Give yourself time off (sports, walking, eating, friends)
  • First day of classes, read the syllabus and write down all the dates.
  • Give almost a week before each graded work and study for the week.

Studying Tips:

  • Do the practice midterms out there!
  • Make Acronyms for hard to learn stuff
  • Flash card the vocabulary words.
  • Small bouts of studying regularly. Promise you 10 minutes straight then a minute or two breaks.
  • Print or write out the information you need.
  • Pay attention to detail, especially in class. When I look over notes and the textbook, I try to learn everything.
  • Do your homework.
  • Do your readings. Even if you know the material. Assign yourself reading every night. Get ahead and don’t fall behind.
  • take time before class to review
  • Read the textbook , PDF, PPT ahead of time (and take notes) within the 24H
  • While listening to the recording, check textbooks+notes.
  • Do as many questions as you can.
  • Always seek for second source and extra information
  • Keep all of your distractions away, by whatever means
  • Take regular breaks.Go for a walk.
  • Don’t look for Motivation, just. DO. IT
  • App called Anki (flashcards)I studied while doing something mindless like baking
  • Attend tutorials/study rooms organized by paid tutors/teacher assistants
  • Participate in class discussion. Explain the lecture to someone else.
  • Active recall. Use flashcards
  • Write a study outline with key concepts and broad questions to study from for each exam. Immerse into the content
  • making a list of all the terms and concepts I need to know, then getting a separate sheet of paper and write down their definitions.
  • Record the class and listen on the bus.
  • Rewatch the lectures at and take super detailed notes on the printed slides.
  • Ace every assignment/lab, they’re free marks if you just go through the motion and submit a well-presented answer.
  • Read out loud until you understand it 100%.
  • Do all the exercises and use online resources. Picture it in your head.


  • “Treat it like a job. Hit the books Monday through Friday 9-5.”
  • Go to bed on time 6 days a week.
  • Hit the gym regularly and eat right
  • Unsubscribe to all procrastination device/app/web sites
  • Sleep, always before midnight
  • Drink water
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Stay in shape, go to the gym, run, do pilates
  • Stay clean
  • Bring some snacks to a lecture. Sweets can help you focus on the professor.

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