More Technology and data science related posts this month… School started for me and I had been crazy busy. So this month, there will be a smaller diversity of posts as I didn’t have much time to go procrastinate on Quora and Reddit.

Women Empowerment

Ladies Storm Hackathons Go on the following medium tag to get a lot of fun articles from women working in computing. This is truly a beautiful resource to explore.

Social Media

Facebook is trying to get rid of bias in Trending news by getting rid of humans This is probably to no one’s surprise as this happened recently on Facebook. In an effort to reduce bias opinion, Facebook let go its editorial staff, the people who wrote the description for trending news. Instead, only the key words and the number of views will be shown, followed by the description of the say link. Engineers will still work on maintaining the relevance of the news, with no bias.

Final Project – Improving Brand Analytics with an Image Logo Detection Convolutional Neural Net in TensorFlow Logos are everywhere and this algorithm is trying to find them in all the pictures!

The Growing Problem of Bots That Fight Online Social Media Bots are apparently more aggressive than what they look like. At least, based on this post, they had been fighting for years… Also, in a similar sense, bots are also starting to understand human agitation better (article here).

Data Science

Visualizing Clusters of Clickbait Headlines Using data processing techniques, the author mapped clickbaits titles into a 2D visualisation. It is fun to explore and see what the big media platforms use as titles (CNN, NYTimes, BuzzFeed and Upworthy).

Using Rodeo To Transform Olympics Data Into GIFs A simple algorithm to transform the medal count results of past Olympics games into one easy to look at gif.

This Supercomputer Will Try to Find Intelligence on Reddit This post talks about exploring Reddit as a source for creating Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

How a Japanese cucumber farmer is using deep learning and TensorFlow It is not only Big companies that can benefit of the science behind Machine Learning. This article talks about the use of deep learning for farming in Japan.

Craigslist and U.S. Rental Housing Markets All the data on rental housing in the United States, prepared by a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley.

Five Great Charts in 5 lines code of R each Amazing post with pictures that make you realize the power of R!

New Tech and A Little Story about Neymar, Andros, and Eden Hazard Sports Analytics is one of the most fascinating aspect of the field for me. Here, the author is trying to understand the learning curve of footballers (aka soccer players).

Humans in a I Loop Hum, how to make your online shopping more enjoyment? This may do the trick. This article talks about a new algorithm that can identify the piece of cloth been worn on a picture and show you the say cloth in store.


Majority of mathematicians hail from just 24 scientific ‘families’ Did you know most of the mathematicians come from 24 distinct scientific families? And many of them share genealogy with 1707’s born, Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler. With timeline and country count, it is a very interesting read!

Architecture & Design

Lego-Like Architecture A cool post about LEGO architecture and how the ingenuous and efficient reuse of materials can built homes for many at a cheap cost.

The Palette of Earth Ever saw a beautiful picture and wanted to save all the colors on it? Hope it is not only me! This great post by Revolutions talk about using a clustering algorithm on a satellite picture to get the palettes of earth. Very pretty and peaceful to look at.