[Blog Reads] November 2016


November has been busy and left me with very few opportunities to read around the various social media platforms. Most of the posts that interested me were categorized into two categories: 1) The United States’ election and 2) data science. Since I do not want to share too much of my political point of view, be ready for a list of cool posts on Data Science Researches.

Data Science New Tools

Altair Examples Altair is a declarative statistical visualization library for Python. In this Github repository, tone of examples have been created to see the effect of Altair to visualize data.

DynamoDB A new tool to keep track of ratings, here is an in-depth review by bugro.

Data Science Research Process

Data Visualization

Colors of the Rails This is so beautiful! This is an amazing compilation of every line color for metro systems around the world. Just fascinating to play with.

Colors of the Rails (dark poster)

Google Arts&Culture Experiments Google is currently (and always is) experimenting with data and art. In a fun list format, here are some of the most interesting experiments being done right now: Tags, X degrees of separation, free fall, curator table, T-SNE map, and much more.

Data Science Applications in Real Life

Estimating the Value of a Vehicle with R A cool usage of R is to estimate the value of a car. Need I say more?

DeepMind’s Differentiable Neural Computer Helps You Navigate the Subway with Its Memory Everyone heard about Google’s DeepMind and the Artificial Intelligence team behind it. In this article, we learn more about the “slow” thinking process in machine learning.

Deep Neural Network Learns to Judge a Cover by Their Covers Here is another usage of computer vision and deep neural network learning. We are now at a point where we can “judge a book by its cover”! Two men at the Kyushu University in Japan trained a deep neural network to study and categorize books based on their covers,

Neural Enhance Use the magic of Neural Enhance to get the best resolution possible when zooming into a picture, just like what you see on TV and movies.

Clairvoyant Take all your stock market historical data and make it into a quick animation to see the trend of its performance.

Delivering Real-Time AI in the Palm of Your Hand

We recently began testing a new creative-effect camera in the Facebook app that helps people turn videos into works of art in the moment. That technique is called “style transfer.”

Pokemon Go Increased U.S. Activity Levels by 144 Billion Steps in Just 30 Days Enough said.

Faster R-CNN Pedestrian and Car Detection See the immediate application of computer vision as this algorithm identifies the objects/people in a street view picture.

Here’s Waldo: Computing the optimal search strategy for finding Waldo This post is old, but it resurfaced to my interest recently. Randy S. Olson is an amazing data scientist and his passion to share his projects with the online community is what fascinated me at first and made me more curious about data science blogging. This is one of his best project ever, where he creates the perfect algorithm (in his capabilities) to find Waldo, wherever he is.

What to Know Before You Get Into A Self-Driven Car Don’t let the dream blind you, there are a few danger with self-driven cars and here is a quick post about Uber’s desire to create a self-driven car for better transportation services.

Data Science Community News

Why Did Linkedin Split Apart Its Data Science Team? I never knew that Linkedin split its data science before so this post came as a shock for me. Either way, it is a huge decision to be made for such a big company and hopefully this choice will end up being beneficial for the company as a whole. The product is now a household name and so many people are using it. However, as an outsider, I definitely can see a few improvement can be made to their marketing and connection recommendation algorithms.

Andrew Ng: Why Artificial Intelligence is the New Electricity It is always fun to hear Andrew Ng talk and here is his new interview with Inc.Video about the future of Artificial Intelligence as well as its similarity to the power of .. electricity.

Media in the Age of Algorithms This month had been exhausting both mentally and physically on the news community. Thanks to the US Election which happened at the beginning of this month, there is a real division among the American netizens as people are pointing fingers at each other. Facebook especially got a lot of backlash for its custom made news feed which obviously, creates bias on what users can see. In this powerful and well-written piece, Tim O’Reilly shares his thoughts on the power of media in this current AI based society.


What Are Some Cool Psychological Hacks? Everyone loves a good and concise post on life hacks. This one is exactly that as Quora users come together to share ideas on how to use psychological theories to get what one may want! Did you know the importance people give to consistency throughout their actions? Or how to best behave with your manager at work? Have fun learning these hacks!

Women Empowerment

A Letter to Young Women, in the Age of Trump A beautiful message to women to not lose hope and to keep fighting. There is still so much that can be achieved for this cause.


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