[Exchange] What to Do Near Marina Bay for Chinese New Year in Singapore


Yes!! Chinese Near Year in Singapore is awesome: there is so much to do and see!! It starts on January 28th and ends 15 days later. While a big part of the city close up during the first two days of the CNY festival (as locals decide to celebrate with their families and immigrants chose to go back home for the holidays), there are still a few top choices to go to to celebrate Chinese New Year. Here is my Top 5 attraction list of what you can do in Singapore during Chinese Near Year.

1. Go walk around Chinatown

Chinatown is one of my favorite places in Singapore because you can find delicious food and bargain for cheap stuffs. Of course, it is still Singapore so nothing is THAT cheap, but at least, you know you getting pretty good deals. It is also the perfect place to buy souvenirs. Walk around and you will also see the Giant Rooster installation in front of the Chinatown Point mall. There is also the big countdown happening around 9:30PM, on January 27th.

img_3707 img_3269img_3287

2. River Hongbao

This is the special installation at the Marina Bay’s floating platform for the Chinese New Year. It has a temporary Lantern exhibition which is the most wonderful visual experience ever when you see it. There is also street food, traditional Chinese Arts stalls, daily shows and fireworks. A local singing group was also there to entertain everyone. Definitely worth visiting.

img_2315 img_2343 img_2344 img_2346 img_2386 img_2419

3. Go watch Garden by the Bay Light Show

This show happens twice a day, everyday. It is a must do if you go to Singapore and has a place in this list because it is so close to the River Hongbao location (15min of walking?).

img_3631 img_3669

4. Go watch Marina Bay’s Water Show

Situated on the other side of the River Hongbao, this is another show that happens daily. Using the beautiful Singapore night view as its background, the show is outstanding for using so well the advancement of technology to orchestre such an art show.

img_2451 img_2465

5. Go visit the Istana Nature

Finally, something I did not do, but that is unique for the CNY period. The Istana Nature is the house of the President and is only opened on special occasion to the public. Luckily, the Chinese New Year is one such event. It costs 13$ for entrance fee.

Picture credit: Timeout Singapore

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