[1D0N] Johor Bahru, Malaysia for a Short Day Trip


Currently, I am doing an exchange program in Singapore, at the Nanyang Technological University. As my first trip out of the country, we decided to do a quick shopping trip to Johor Bahru. My roommate told me that the city gets empty during Chinese Near Year so going to Malaysia will allow us to find a lot of good shop and food options that are open.

To get there, we simply took the MRT and then a bus. Passing through the custom was not that complicated although it did feel a bit long as there was a line to go through. We decided on a short and simple itinerary and did exactly that.

After arriving we opted for a Korean Dakgalbi meal and it was sooo good! I recommend that you buy with the pork belly as meat option because it tasted amazing.

img_3079 img_3087

Next, we decided to go see some of the local attractions. We went to the Old Johor Chinese Temple where many locals were praying for good fortune at the start of the Rooster year.

img_3096 img_3099

Next, we went to the Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim, which is the former state secretariat building of Johor. Although I am not sure if the building is still being used, but it is extremely well maintained.

img_3110 img_3117

There was also an old abandoned house nearby.


We also walked to the My Johor Castle, but it was sadly closed. We took pictures in front of Johor’s Coat of Arms.

img_3167 img_3168

Finally, we ended the trip by going buying some snack at the mall before catching the bus back. Since we knew there was going to be traffic, we didn’t want to be at the end of the line at the custom..

Overall, it was a pretty nice little trip, but I definitely wish we searched a bit more on where and how to get to the best shopping places in town. Maybe next time!

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