[Exchange] One Day Biking Trip at Pulau Ubin


One of the best day trip you can do in Singapore is going to the Pulau Ubin Island for a biking expedition. The view there is just amazing. I couldn’t believe such a natural and beautiful small island was so close to the busy Singapore I am familiar with.

We opted for the MRT+Bus+Ferry combination which lasted for a bit less than 2hours. You can also chose to Uber there, it is up to you! When we arrived at the Ferry terminal, we saw a busy Hawcker Center and decided to eat our lunch there. I got the famous Nasi Lemak and I can say that was my best Nasi Lemak experience in Singapore. The fried chicken especially was cooked perfectly.


Taking the ferry costs about 3SGD, which is a pretty good deal.


When you arrive on the island, you will see that there are many many bike renting shop, costing around 10-15SGD. Take your time to chose a good one because that will make the trip a lot more worth it. Following the Island map, we then tried to bike around everywhere and there were a lot of gorgeous view point. I would especially recommend visiting the Check Java Wetlands as the view there is amazing, just AMAZING! Here are some pictures taken on the island.

img_2565 img_2589 img_2598 img_2632 img_2648 img_2651 img_2680 img_2807 img_2847

I would also recommend being careful of the monkeys. There are so many of them and they can get aggressive. Especially if you have food and drinks with you.

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