[3D2N] Kuala Lumpur, the Capital of Malaysia


Finally, it happened. My first trip outside the city and comfort that is Singapore. Like any other exchange student, this trip of course had to be for Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Known to be a beautiful city with the Petronas Towers, I was excited to see what the city had to offer.

Day 1

We left in the morning of Friday, but with the flight+taxi+check-in at the hotel, it was already the afternoon when we were finally ready to wander around the city. For lunch, I got the claypot rice at the airport which didn’t taste that good.


The hotel room however was amazing as it had a kitchen, two bedrooms, a living and a dinner room! As we shared the divided by three, it came down to a pretty cheap deal. Definitely worth it!!

img_3816 img_3822

The hotel is really close to the KL tower.


Our first attraction destination was the famous Petaling Street, which is the biggest street market in Kuala Lumpur. There, you can find a lot of stalls sealing fake brand products as well as cheap clothing. It is also really close to Chinatown.


I tried the cane juice and it is my instant drink addiction. SO GOOD!


Next, we went to the Suria KLCC mall, which is just next to the famous Petronas Towers. The mall itself is similar to any mall you can find, but we took the time to eat our dinner there. The food was okay, but the service was horrible. The Mi Goreng and the Satay Skewers are definitely the best dish they had to offer.


We were also able to see the Petronas Towers before heading back to the hotel as we have a pretty packed program for the next day.


Day 2

For the second day, we booked a morning trekking trip with Open Sky Unlimited. We booked the Dragon Back Trek package and it was sooo amazing. I would definitely recommend anyone to book with them. Not too expensive and overall, an great expedition with a great guide.

The whole morning, we did a LOT of hiking, grabbing on roots, sliding and other intense work out. It was all worth it as the view was amazing each time our guide made us stop. It was such a challenging tour and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

img_3878 img_3884

Some of the challenge faced during the trip:


The tour ended with a perfect breakfast/lunch around 11:00AM with local Malay delicacies.

img_3891 img_3892 img_3897

Afterward, we went directly to the Batu Caves, which is the second favorite attraction for all tourists in Kuala Lumpur. This is at a top of a hill and we have to climb a fair amount of stairs before getting there. At the top, you will see the main Temple, a series of Caves and a Monkey Mountain. Seriously, SO many super monkey everywhere. The form of the rocks forming the Batu Caves was especially mind blowing for me.

img_3915 img_3953 img_3955

After visiting the Batu Caves, we were getting tired so we decided to go back to the hotel to freshen up and then, head out for dinner. We went to the famous Jalan Alor street food. There were a lot of stands for Durian, skewers, dim sum and local Malay food. Everything there tasted amazing.

img_4003 img_4006 img_4017

Finally, to end the day, we went back to the Petronas Towers region to enjoy the night view and see the water show.

img_4031 img_4067

Day 3

We started off the day by visiting the National Mosque of Malaysia. We had to wear the complete dress and hide our hair. The mosque itself is an amazing place and super clean. There were a few prayers in the no-tourist area.

img_4127 img_4150 img_4156

We then walked around the neighborhood and visited the old train station.

img_4169 img_4181

Next, we went to the Central Market neighborhood to catch lunch. I ordered the Tom Yum Seafood food which was spicy, but also super delicious.


We then walked around the neighborhood to buy little souvenirs. The two main places to shop are the Central Market and Katsuri Walk. Both are really nice places to find clothing, drinks and souvenirs. Finally, we headed back to the hotel and prepare for our flight later that day.

img_4194 img_4196

4 thoughts on “[3D2N] Kuala Lumpur, the Capital of Malaysia

    1. You should! I can at least guarantee you that they are one of the best tour I have done in my life and service wise, you will not be disappointed! ^_^
      The skyway looks amazing!! The spacewalk looks magical, I wish we went there too ><

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  1. OMG, I am so jealous. You can see the highlights of my life on instagram and they look nothing like this :’D Sigghhh


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