[Blog Reads] March 2017

March was a busy month and so much happened in the technology world. Here is a quick list of what events I found most interesting, either news, articles or cool projects!

Data Sketches

With the recommendation of my friend, I decided to follow the amazing bloggers Data Sketches. Founded by two ladies (Nadieh and Shirley), their goal is to push out one new complex and well-done data visualization per month, on a subject they are passionate about. This blog is a great inspiration to start your own projects and is definitely worth checking out. Although they are a bit late on the 2017 schedule, they have some pretty cool work out already. I recommend checking out January’s Nostalgia theme, especially considering they covered Dragon Ball! ❤

Oscars 2017

Hopefully I am not the only one who loves to gossip. This year’s filmography’s biggest night ended with a huge surprise as movie Lalaland was declared Best Motion Picture when the title’s rightful owner is the movie Moonlight. It was shoking to see this moment and learn the responsibilities of big accounting firm PwC in the traditional vote compiling process. Although the incident ended after some buzz, I was disappointed to not get a proper ending (will PwC be fired or not). Ahh, if only they made their winner’s card like this

Uber Fiasco

2017 is definitely not the best year for Uber and March, probably its least favorite month from now on. The mega app developing company was entangled into three scandals, within weeks of each other. First, the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick was supposed to seat on USA President Donald Trump’s Business Council, but had to step down after backlash from the general public. Afterward, there were multiple posts by past female employees sharing their negative experiences (including sexual harassment working at the company, see a few posts here, here and here). Finally, a private video was leaked where Kalanick was chatting with a Uber driver about the poor treatment of the Uber drivers by the company. Each of these “scandals” were top trending news and will definitely impact the overall performance of Uber. With other apps like Tilt and Grab ready to take its place, Uber will have a hard time to stand back up.

Computer Science

These Scientists Sent a Rocket to Mars for Less Than It Cost to Make “The Martian” Fun fact: did you know that the first Indian launched Rocket dating from 2013 actually cost less to make than the 2015 movie “The Martian” starring Matt Damon. Another fun fact: the team working on that rocket were mostly women!

A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking One of the biggest talk this month has definitely been about the eternal debate on automation stealing jobs of commoners. This viral post explains the fears of the biggest Tech players.

Researchers Take A Step Toward Mind-Controlled Robots “Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab and Boston University have created a system where humans can guide robots with their brainwaves.”

Big Tech Companies

The Applied Machine Learning group helps Facebook see, talk, and understand. It may even root out fake news. Facebook want to use their overall approach of Machine Learning to improve Facebook Ads’ visibility onto creating better user content presentation. The article discusses many of the important roles of the Applied Machine Learning Group at Facebook.

Now We Know Why Microsoft Bought LinkedIn Did you know that Microsoft bought Linkedin? I am sure you do, there has been posts about this change everywhere! Recently, we learn the next big news on that subject: LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman has joined Microsoft’s board.

Google Cousin Develops Technology to Flag Toxic Online Comments One of the biggest challenge of the Internet right now is of course Internet Trolls. And Google is trying to find a solution.

Netflix’s new AI tweaks each scene individually to make video look good even on slow internet “It’s using artificial intelligence techniques to analyze each shot in a video and compress it without affecting the image quality, thus reducing the amount of data it uses. ”

Cool Projects


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