[Blog Reads] April – May 2017

A shorter list for the months of April and May. Here are the most interesting projects and news that I have seen in the last few weeks. Since I had been traveling a lot, I didn’t get the time to explore everything out there in the computing social network world. Continue reading “[Blog Reads] April – May 2017”


[2D1N] Back to Hong Kong, Visiting Macau!

On my way back to Montreal, I had a short two days stay in Hong Kong. I was really excited to be back in this busy city, but I was also worried to not have enough things to do around the city. Hence, I decided to book a trip to Macau for my second day. Continue reading “[2D1N] Back to Hong Kong, Visiting Macau!”

[5D4N] Relax, Explore and EAT in Taipei, Taiwan

Before coming back to Canada, I decided to end the semester by doing a solo trip to Taiwan after the finals. My Singapore to Taipei flight was about 5 hours and I was able to book it such that it coincides with sleeping hours. This allowed me to arrive really early the next morning to go check-in and immediately start visiting this beautiful city. Continue reading “[5D4N] Relax, Explore and EAT in Taipei, Taiwan”

[NTU Life] Top 16 Best Campus Food at NTU

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It has been a while since my last post about my exchange lifein Singapore. I am still in the middle of catching up with all the blog posts I wanted to write (expect posts about Taiwan, Macau and Singapore soon). For now, I thought it would be really neat to write a post about my favorite meal options at NTU and for any students here, what should be considered must try. Continue reading “[NTU Life] Top 16 Best Campus Food at NTU”

[5D4N] Short Crazy Break in Penang Before Finals

Just like many other exchange students, I had to take advantage of the crazy long study period before finals to travel. Weirdly enough, NTU gives us like around 10 days of studying before the first exam starts. It is definitely different from schedules back in Canada where we barely get around 3 days. Hence, with two of my friends, we decided to do a trip to Penang to enjoy the beautiful city as well as the cheap food options. Continue reading “[5D4N] Short Crazy Break in Penang Before Finals”

[11D10N] The Itinerary of an Amazing Recess Break in Thailand

OMG! Recess week at NTU is from the 27th of February until the 3rd of March, so this post is loooong overdue. I had an amazing time traveling with my friend in the most touristical country in the world: Thailand! Continue reading “[11D10N] The Itinerary of an Amazing Recess Break in Thailand”