[NTU Life] Top 16 Best Campus Food at NTU

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It has been a while since my last post about my exchange lifein Singapore. I am still in the middle of catching up with all the blog posts I wanted to write (expect posts about Taiwan, Macau and Singapore soon). For now, I thought it would be really neat to write a post about my favorite meal options at NTU and for any students here, what should be considered must try.

I am an international student doing an exchange semester abroad in Singapore for the Spring 2017 semester. When it comes to food, I like it flavorful and sometime, spicy. Which is perfect because most stalls at NTU suits my taste buds. Plus, everything is so cheap (expect 2$-7$ range)! As food stalls open, move and close often here, hopefully, these stalls will still exist by the time the reader reads this post. Although there is no quantitative rating, I decided to order this list from favorite meal at the top top. Overall, don’t worry, everything on this post is my favorites.

  1. Japanese Tonkatsu Ramen (Canteen 16)
  2. Dry Ban Mian/Ramen (Canteen 14)
  3. Shanghai Soup Dumplings aka Xiao Long Bao (Canteen 2)
  4. Egg + Fried Chicken on Hot Plate (Koufu/ South Spine Canteen)
  5. Ayam Penyet (Canteen 2)
  6. Fried Chicken Curry Rice Katsudon (Canteen 11)
  7. Liang Pi + Rou Jia Mou (North Spine Food Court)
  8. Korean Hot Plate Beef Plate (Pioneer Food Court)
  9. Pad Thai (Pioneer Food Court)
  10. Minced Pork and dried Mushroom Bok Mee (NIE Canteen)
  11. Western Chicken Katsudon (Canteen 1)
  12. Mala Xiang Guo (Canteen 9)
  13. Pork Cutlet Set (Canteen 13)
  14. Indian Chicken Curry (Canteen 11)
  15. Pasta Express (Koufu/ South Spine Canteen)
  16. Bibimbap (Canteen 2)

Furthermore, as I was living in the hall 10 area and taking my classes at North Spine, most of my meals were actually eaten at places that are close and easily accessible. Here are 4 extra meal choices I love to get for these reasons:

  1. At 2.80$, Soup Ban Mian at North Spine Food Court. This is always a favorite when you want to have a heartfelt good meal without breaking your wallet.

2. For around 3.00$, try the Mixed Rice aka Cai Fan at Canteen 11. Excluding canteen 11, I would also recommend canteen 13 and North Spine’s mixed rice options.

3. For 3.80$, if you have a small appetite, but is craving for some really good pasta, go try the black pepper beef pasta from canteen 9. The secret is the sauce: it is super delicious.

4. Finally, my feel good meal is the You Po Mian from the Xian Noodles place at canteen 9. At only 2.70$, it is a complete meal with generous portion of hand-pulled noodles and delicious veggies. I normally order it without spicy sauce because they put too much even if the dish already has a good portion of Chinese soy sauce.

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