[2D1N] Back to Hong Kong, Visiting Macau!

On my way back to Montreal, I had a short two days stay in Hong Kong. I was really excited to be back in this busy city, but I was also worried to not have enough things to do around the city. Hence, I decided to book a trip to Macau for my second day.

Day 1

This time, I decided to book accomodation on the Kowloon island closer to the Tsim Sha Tsui station. I wanted a different experience then the one I had in January. This hostel was perfect location wise as it was both close to ferries, MRT and attractions, but the hotel itself wasn’t anything to brag about. I arrived to my hostel around 11:00AM and by the time I finished settling in, it was time for lunch. Which means, of course, a visit to my favorite noodle spot in the city.

I took the MRT to arrive at the Hong Kong island and started searching for Kau Kee restaurant. There, I ordered their Curry Beef Rice Noodles, which is a generous portion of heavenly made food. It is super tasty and there is absolutely nothing to complain about it.

Afterward, I walked around the Central neighborhood, which is the most classic neighborhood of Hong Kong (high buildings, small commercial stalls, big brand shops).

I then took the ferry from this side of the city back to Kowloon Island.

There, I went directly to the Clock Tower and the beautiful city view. This is my favorite Hong Kong spot to have a great view of the city while relaxing. Sadly, it was a cloudy day so I didn’t get the blue and refreshing sky I was hoping to see.

Afterward, I decided to go back to the hostel to relax a little bit. With some good AC and a quick nap, I was ready to be back out for the night! I first went to try out the popular 4 Seasons Claypot rice place that I didn’t visit the last time I came. The place was packed with people. I ordered the pork ribs option which was really tasty, but made me crave for some veggies. :’D I love how the rice became nice and crispy at the end, the art of eating!

From there, I walked down to the Temple Street Night Market where many souvenir stalls were ready to welcome you. This is basically a night version of the Ladies street, without the girls’ clothing.

Next, I went back near the coast of Tsim Sha Tsui to see the night view of Hong Kong. It was beautiful as the various colors of the building are reflected in the water. With the cold weather at night, it was a perfect way to end the day.

Day 2

I booked my tickets to Macau such that I would leave around 9:00AM in the morning and come back in the afternoon around 17:35PM. Considering that it takes the ferry about an hour to reach Macau and there is customs to go through (don’t forget to bring your passport!), I was left with a very short time period to visit Macau. I thought it would be enough, but I ended up having to rush my visit.

After arriving, you will see many free shuttle bus that would bring you to the biggest casinos and hotels around Macau. I of course took the one toward The Venetian which is known to be the biggest casino in the world. The Venetian has an indoor mall with many branded shops. It is managed by the same people as the ones in charge of Marina Sands Bay in Singapore. Which means, there is a gigantic canal inside the mall. It was pretty crazy to walk around it, especially with the beautiful painted blue sky on the inside roof.

From the Venetian, there is actually an easy walking path toward the village of Taipa. Taipa is a small village with many touristic attractions. I went there to see the Taipa House Museums, the temples as well as the Old Street. It was such a pretty and calm place to visit.

Afterward, I went to the bigger attractions, on the Macau side of the region. There, I of course had to go visit the Ruins of Saint-Paul. It is amazing place where all the tourists are gathered together. The church was sadly destroyed by a big fire in the past, but the facade was preserved thanks to the hard work of the city. The old pillar structure of the church is still there and you can go visit them behind the ruins, if the door is open.

Next to it, there is the Na Tcha Museum as well as sections of the Old City Walls. Definitely worth walking around to explore these places.

Next, I went to visit the Macao Museum which is just near by. At the end of the museum tour, it gives direct access to the Mount Fortress and the beautiful view of Macau. Of course, you can also walk around and up to find the Mount Fortress’ viewpoint.

Seeking out for local delicacies, I went on to walk around the Macao area. Here, I noticed the dominance of the Koi Kee bakery which sells many snacks including dried roasted meat. It is super delicious and I wish I could have brought some back with me to Canada.

Finally, I walked around the Senado Square and the Leal Senado Building more to really enjoy the Portuguese heritage of Macau. Did you know that it is marked as a UNESCO World Heritage? From 1557 to 1999, Macau was administrated by Portugual. Today however, it is considered as a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

After all this, I went back early to the ferry terminal as I was worried to miss my boat. However, I ended up being 30 minutes early and simply catching an earlier scheduled ferry. Fine by me as I had to go to the airport later! I came back to Hong Kong, bought a delicious bowl of pork cutlet noodles before going back to the hostel to pack one last time.

And that’s it! This is how my Asia trip ended: Rushed, but exciting. It was definitely a bitter sweet moment, but I know I will be back one day! ❤ :’)


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