[Blog Reads] April – May 2017

A shorter list for the months of April and May. Here are the most interesting projects and news that I have seen in the last few weeks. Since I had been traveling a lot, I didn’t get the time to explore everything out there in the computing social network world.

Data Sketches

If you read my previous Blog Reads post, you know I love the Data Sketches team. Each month, they release quality content where they work on gathering data, sketching out their ideas and then coding to make it into reality. Here are a few new projects they had been working on so far that are truly impressive:

  • A beautifully put presentation of their work (link)
  • Analyzing the search done on Google Translate (link)
  • Where people like to travel based on Google News (link)
  • Using data to create Marble Butterflies (link)

Big Interesting Projects

  • Play with this Global Map to see the temperature, precipitation and more patterns around the world (link)
  • Same Stats, Different Graphs: Generating Datasets with Varied Appearance and Identical Statistics through Simulated Annealing (link)
  • The Housing Value of Every County in the U.S. (link)
  • Flight Paths Edge Bundling (link)
  • Evolution Strategies as a Scalable Alternative to Reinforcement Learning (link)
  • A Peek at Trends in Machine Learning (link)
  • A dive into spatial search algorithms: Searching through millions of points in an instant (link)
  • Examining the arc of 100,000 stories: a tidy analysis (link)
  • Building and Exploring a Map of Reddit with Python (link)Torch implementation for learning an image-to-image translation (i.e. pix2pix) without input-output pairs (link 1, link 2)

More Posts Worth Reading

  • Twitter shared an in depth analysis of how their Deep Learning algorithm works to let the most relevant tweets be shown first to its user (link)
  • Utilising epidemic modelling to improve advertising click rates on Facebook (link)
  • Gartner Looks At Data Science Platforms (link)
    Google’s AI Turns Your Crappy Doodles Into Proper Pictures (link)
    Emotional Chatting Machine Assesses Your Emotion and Copies It (link)
    Mind-Reading Algorithms Reconstruct What You’re Seeing Using Brain-Scan Data (link)

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