[Book Recommendations] June 2017

We are back in summer, the time of the year when I actually have time to read some books. Throughout the academic year, I have accumulated a list of books to read. I still have a long list of books to go through, but here is a first list of what I found must enlightening this month.

Data Visualization

I love art and I love data. So data visualization using computing tools has always been a part that fascinates me deeply. These books especially talked about how to present data and statistics in efficient ways that may appeal to the user/reader. Beautiful Code and Beautiful Visualization are two books out of the Beautiful series by O’Reilly Media. In them, you will find many industry specialists covering specific topics and ideas. Definitely a series worth exploring more in depth in the future. Nathan Yau’s Visualize This is the perfect book to start exploring data visualization as his book is easy to read with many tutorials. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information has many of the older method of visualization and is often referred in today’s literature. Finally, Interactive Data Visualization for the Web is the most comprehensive guide out there to learn D3 on the web.

  • Beautiful Code, O’Reilly Media

  • Beautiful Visualization, O’Reilly Media

  • Visualize this: The FlowingData guide to design, visualization, and statistics by Nathan Yau

  • The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward R. Tufte

  • Interactive Data Visualization for the Web by Scott Murray (link)

Machine Learning

As I went through a summer lab on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, I have been recommended to read a few game changing books. These books are often referred by researchers in the field for the groundbreaking notions and in-depth explanation of how the algorithms and training models work. Seriously, these are golden books of the AI world.

  • Deep Learning (link) by Ian Goodfellow and Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville

  • Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction 2nd Edition (link) by Richard S. Sutton and Andrew G. Barto


Talk Like TED, The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds by Carmine Gallo

This book was extremely well-written by the the talented Carmine Gallo. The book not only give you the best traits of a good public-speaking speech, but it also draws on 500 TED talkers’ experiences. It continuously refers to the actual examples. Gallo obviously uses these 9 secrets himself as the book is fascinating and addicting to read. Here is a list of these 9 precious traits, in 3 categories.

  • Emotional
    • Unleash the Master Within
    • Master the Art of Storytelling
    • Have a Conversation
  • Novel
    • Teach Me Something New
    • Deliver Jaw-Dropping Moments
    • Lighten-Up
  • Memorable
    • Stick to the 18-Minute Rule
    • Paint a Mental Picture with Multi-sensory Experiences
    • Stay in Your Lane

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