[Book Recommendations] July 2017

This month, I took the time to read 3 books. As they were all books I wanted to read for a long time now and waited patiently for them to be available at the library, each of these books ended up being meaningful and an enjoyable experience.

1) How to Be a Bawse by Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is an online sensation with good reasons! She is passionate, confident, positive, organized and empowering. She never lost touch to the normal every day life and puts her all in writing this book. Without arrogance, she agrees that she doesn’t know everything in life, but simply hopes that this book can inspire others. The book reads like her Youtube videos, like we are her close friends. She gives amazing advice that are well-worth discovering. She talks about her success, but how she achieved it. She credits the people around her, her team, a good and strong personality and of course, perseverance. Trully, she is the real Bawse.

2) Option B by Sheryl Sandberg

After reading the first book by Sheryl Sandberg Lean In in 2015 and discovering with everyone else the sad death of her husband a few months later, I had a lot of empathy for her. She is an amazing author who knows how to appeal to others, who understands the struggles of being a woman in computing world. She is full of wisdom and advice for others. In Lean In, she often refereed to her husband Dave as her accomplice, her life partner. Knowing the importance he had to her, this book was extremely emotional to read. She shows a lot of candidly in her narration. This book is for her and also for everyone going through a hard time, trying to face life after a bad experience. She is a privilege woman who has a diverse network and hence, we get many personal stories from many influential and inspiring people. Overall, I loved reading the book. I also felt that this book, she wrote it for herself and this is why she is so transparent with her wording.

3) Artificial Intelligence for Games by Ian Millington and John Gunge

This books can be read like the ultimate manual for Artificial Intelligence. It covers extensively all subjects about AI and games, present pseudo-code for the algorithms and give ample of examples. Topics covered include: AI, game AI, movement, pathfinding, decision-making, tactical and strategic AI, learning, board game, supporting technologies and designing an AI game.


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