[1D1N] Cinque Terre, Paradise on Earth

After weeks of culture discoveries, it is about time we start enjoying the natural beautiful sides of Italy. After many pictures and documentaries about this place, Cinque Terre is the paradise on earth we had been waiting for.

Cinque Terre feels like that easy effortless stop. There was basically no planning needed as it is simply five beautiful towns we get to visit by taking the train from town to town. I really don’t have much to say. Just make sure to buy the 1-Day pass to truly enjoy the public transportation. Oh, and be sure to bring a swimsuit: you will get to enjoy some of the most refreshing water in your life!

Here are the 5 cities in the order they appear if you start your trip from the La Spezia train station, outside Cinque Terre.

1. Riomaggiore

2. Manarola

3. Corniglia

4. Vernazza

5. Monterosso

Since we stayed at the Corniglia town, we got to visit the area a bit more. It is the town that is furthest from the water and hence, least visited out of the five. However, since we lived there, we explored the town more and were able to see some of the most beautiful sights. The water is so blue, the view is endless and with the lack of tourists, it felt a lot more peaceful. I would definitely recommend staying there for longer than average.


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