[2D2N] Venice, Italy: Islands and Bridges

Leaving from Cinque Terre by train, we reached the beautiful city of Venice in the afternoon. After check-in and buying some food at the supermarket, we quickly took the bus toward the main Island.

Hotel wise, we chose to stay in Mestre, a neighborhood outside of Venice since the pricing is a lot more affordable for the period we booked. I want to add here that I thought Mestre had the nicest and friendliest people I ever met in Europe. Coming from a Canadian, that is a huge compliment. 😉 I loved the vibe so much.

Day 1

Arriving in Venice and saw one of the most beautiful sky view ever. Is this for real?!

Since we had limited time, we decided to go visit the Murano island. It is the glass island, aka where all the glasswares are made. It is a beautiful town and you will be left in awe after seen all the glassware being created there. It is definitely high quality stuff and it is worth buying gifts/souvenirs there.

Afterward, we reached Venice by nighttime and walked a bit around the island before heading back to the hotel.

Day 2

We started the day off by taking the public transportation boat that covers pretty much the whole Grand Canal. Seat or stand outside to enjoy the view. I have to be honest here, Venice was way beyond my expectation. I expected dirty water and packed attractions. Instead, it is clean, beautiful and had a reasonable number of tourists. From the boat, we got to see two of the most famous bridges of Venice:

  • Rialto Bridge
  • Ponte dell’ Academia

We got off at the Santa Marco station. This square is huge and assembles some of the main attractions of Venice:

  • Bridge of Sigh
  • St-Mark Square
  • St-Mark Basilica
  • Doge’s Palace

I saw many couples shooting their wedding pictorials there and I couldn’t agree more. This is the spot to be for romantic photo shoot. Afterward, we went back on the boat to reach the Santa Maria della Salute. This church is beautiful outside and inside. It is drastically different from the St-Mark Basilica and for that reason, I think it is cool to visit this place that is barely a few minutes away.

After this, we transferred boats a few time and went to visit Burano and Murano. Murano is, as mentioned before, the island of glasswares. We stayed there for a few minutes before transferring toward Burano, which is the island of colorful houses. It is perfect for pictures and we couldn’t resist its charms. They had a lot of shops selling clothing and scarfs, which is perfect for all the ladies who wants to buy a little piece of Italian fashion.

We finally headed back to Venice main island. There, we went to one of the cutest bookshop in the world, the Liberia Acqua Alta.

We also went for some delicious Italian classic pasta and just walked around the island. Getting lost in Venice, crossing the bridges, seeing so many islands.. It is one of the most unique experience you can get in the world.

We ended the day with some final shopping and headed back to the hotel to start packing: we will be back home the next day. Overall, this Europe trip left me with a strong impression. It made me realize just how much fun traveling in Europe is, how much there is to explore around the world. Being able to see the masterpieces of artists I loved since youth felt extremely special. It also opened my eyes to a completely different Western world. It was the perfect way to end the summer.


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