[Blog Reads] January 2018

Last post before the end of the year 2017! I am so grateful for the great year I had and I am looking forward for more adventures to come. Before I launch myself into accomplishing (and maybe failing) my new year resolutions, let me end the year by sharing all the most interesting research and blog posts from the previous months.

End of the Year Articles

  • Deep Learning Achievements Over the Past Year (link)

  • Kaggle’s 2017 The State of Data Science& Machine Learning (link)


Data Visualization

  • Remarkable map: Where can North Korea’s missiles reach? (link)
    • One of the best data visualization of the year for being simply, user friendly and information oriented.
  • 10 Years of Data Science Visualizations (link)

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

  • What Bitcoin Really Is (link)

  • WTF is The Blockchain? The ultimate 3500-word guide in plain English to understand Blockchain (link)

Data Science Career

  • Some Reflections on Being Turned Down for a Lot of Data Science Jobs (link)
  • How To Ace Data Science Interviews: Statistics (link)

Transportation Data

  • Berlin Subway Map compared to it’s real geography (link)

Urban Planning

  • No order left behind; no shopper left idle: Using Monte Carlo simulations to balance supply & demand in a marketplace (link)

Computer Vision

  • A center of mass analysis of a Fosbury Flopping high jump by Yuliya Levchenko! (link)
  • Feature Visualization: How neural networks build up their understanding of images (link)
  •  A Year in Computer Vision (link)

Trivial Application of Data Science

  • Education: How I Wrote My Master’s Thesis (link)
    • A sweet reminder that we all procrastinate and productivity sky-rocks close to submission date. 😉
  • Fashion: This AI Learns Your Fashion Sense and Invents Your Next Outfit (link)
  • Society: First Evidence That Online Dating Is Changing the Nature of Society (link)
  • Art: These Stunning A.I. Tools Are About to Change the Art World (link)
  • Tourism: Improving TripAdvisor Photo Selection With Deep Learning (link)
  • Manga: MangaGAN Teaching computers to draw new and original manga and anime faces with DCGANs (link)

Learning Tools

  • A very simple demo of interactive controls on Jupyter notebook (link)

  • Interactive Data Science with Jupyter Notebooks (link)

  • How to Make Technical Data Simple and Beautiful (link)


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Hi! I am a McGill University Alumni and work in the Data Science field in Toronto. I love to eat, travel, read and blog.

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