[Feature] Trivial Laws, Paradoxes and More

Society is a weird concept. As unpredictable as it may seem, it does follow specific rules. And I am not talking about pure and applied science rules (physics and mathematics). No, I am thinking about behavioral, economic and psychology sciences. As a computer science and statistics major, I rarely get to study human behavior. To fill the gap, I enjoy reading books and wikipedia pages to learn about interesting trivial hypothesis. Below is a list of my favorite trivial facts I believe everyone should know!

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[Feature] Favorite Computer Science Related Youtube Channels

For this week, I thought I could share my ultimate list of Youtube channels to follow. For a procrastinater like myself who spends way too much time on Youtube, I struggled at first to find good computer science related channels. Luckily, with time, more industry professionals and amateurs are sharing their knowledge on the video platform. Hopefully, you can find some new gems to watch through this post. Continue reading “[Feature] Favorite Computer Science Related Youtube Channels”