Complete Statistic Project on Tourism Dataset

Hi! Excited to announce that I finished my latest side project. I always wanted to do an in-depth and complete statistics project. This one was pretty long to complete as I had to go through every step of a proper project. Continue reading “Complete Statistic Project on Tourism Dataset”


Introduction to Semantic Segmentation Through Satellite Images

The project we worked on is the Kaggle competition “DSTLĀ  Satellite Imagery Feature Detection“. Information on how to run the notebook and explanation on the steps can be found on our Github repository. Continue reading “Introduction to Semantic Segmentation Through Satellite Images”

Creating Your Personal Website Using Jekyll and Github

Jekyll Logo

Although creating your personal website is not painfully hard as nearly everyone now has one, it is also not the easiest feat to do. For me, it was a bit of searching around and a lot of code tweaking. Here are the 5 Steps I followed. Hopeful this tutorial can become useful to someone. Continue reading “Creating Your Personal Website Using Jekyll and Github”

Using VRML to do Computer Graphics

As part of my semester abroad in Singapore at NTU, I took the Computer Graphics class or CZ2003. The last two projects, as part of assignments, gave the student a bit more freedom and the opportunity to create 1) a 3D form and 2) an animated 3D form. Continue reading “Using VRML to do Computer Graphics”

Creating a Facebook Messenger Chatbot using Wit.AI and Node.js

In June, I participated in the McGill Innovation Lab’s AI for Social Good Hackathon in Montreal. With my team, we came together to create a Chatbot that can interact with the user, understand an inquiry (about a common language word) and send back a link to the Handspeak website. On that web page, the user will be able to watch a video that illustrates the word in ASL (American Sign Language). In this post, I will go over our thinking process and how we were able to make the application. Continue reading “Creating a Facebook Messenger Chatbot using Wit.AI and Node.js”