[Studying Tips] “Grades Do Matter”

As all good list should be done, here is a comprehensible list of studying techniques for everyone to refer to! I put all the advice I received and learned in bullet forms and categorized in five: Place, Socializing, Planning, Studying Tips, and Life Style. Understand them and try to apply some (there are too many so chose what works for you!). Soon you will see results. Once again, happy back to school! Continue reading “[Studying Tips] “Grades Do Matter””


Back To School Studying Techniques

It is the beginning of the new semester and depending on the region you are at, some students are already back in the classroom.  As I read tone of blogs and articles online, I often come across some brilliant studying tips that are worth sharing with others. Here is a post to prepare all my fellow students to the back to school event. Don’t worry, university life is fun and to enjoy it, you just need a bit of organization! Continue reading “Back To School Studying Techniques”

McGill U1 Science Classes Review


At the end of April, I finished all my final exams and, hence, my first academic year at the University McGill. It was a fun year where I had the chance to meet awesome people and, for the first time, embrace the full power of pure and applied science. Indeed, with five classes per semester concentrated on quantitative subjects, it was a full learning experience and I am glad I survived. I took 4 computer classes, 4 mathematics courses and 2 economics. Here are my thoughts on the science classes I took (so omitting economics).  Continue reading “McGill U1 Science Classes Review”