[2D2N] Venice, Italy: Islands and Bridges

Leaving from Cinque Terre by train, we reached the beautiful city of Venice in the afternoon. After check-in and buying some food at the supermarket, we quickly took the bus toward the main Island. Continue reading “[2D2N] Venice, Italy: Islands and Bridges”


[1D1N] Cinque Terre, Paradise on Earth

After weeks of culture discoveries, it is about time we start enjoying the natural beautiful sides of Italy. After many pictures and documentaries about this place, Cinque Terre is the paradise on earth we had been waiting for. Continue reading “[1D1N] Cinque Terre, Paradise on Earth”

[3D4N] Visiting the Origin of Renaissance: Florence

After Paris and Rome, the next biggest cultural hot spot of the EU is definitely… Florence. This city that saw the ultimate Italian trio’s (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael) beginnings and how they inspired the whole Europe with their innovation and strike for perfection is obviously a must see. With the influence of the Medici family, Florence was the cultural center of the world during one of the most exciting period of humanity: Renaissance. They all say that as soon as you arrive in Florence, you will fall in love with it. Continue reading “[3D4N] Visiting the Origin of Renaissance: Florence”

[4D5N] Rome the Origin of the Classicism Movement

If you want to see some of the most famous art pieces in the world, if you want to see THE most impressive marble statue collection, then you have to visit Rome! We planned four days in this glorious city and it didn’t feel like enough. Here is our itinerary in list format. Continue reading “[4D5N] Rome the Origin of the Classicism Movement”

[6D5N] Paris, the Capital of Europe (and France)

If you have plans for an intellectual, beautiful and inspiring experience, you must consider visiting Paris. As my family and I wanted a fun destination that fitted our love of cultural attractions, we decided to hit some of the most famous cities in Europe. Here comes a five part series of our trip to France and Italy. Enjoy! Continue reading “[6D5N] Paris, the Capital of Europe (and France)”

[5D4N] Relax, Explore and EAT in Taipei, Taiwan

Before coming back to Canada, I decided to end the semester by doing a solo trip to Taiwan after the finals. My Singapore to Taipei flight was about 5 hours and I was able to book it such that it coincides with sleeping hours. This allowed me to arrive really early the next morning to go check-in and immediately start visiting this beautiful city. Continue reading “[5D4N] Relax, Explore and EAT in Taipei, Taiwan”

[5D4N] Short Crazy Break in Penang Before Finals

Just like many other exchange students, I had to take advantage of the crazy long study period before finals to travel. Weirdly enough, NTU gives us like around 10 days of studying before the first exam starts. It is definitely different from schedules back in Canada where we barely get around 3 days. Hence, with two of my friends, we decided to do a trip to Penang to enjoy the beautiful city as well as the cheap food options. Continue reading “[5D4N] Short Crazy Break in Penang Before Finals”

[11D10N] The Itinerary of an Amazing Recess Break in Thailand

OMG! Recess week at NTU is from the 27th of February until the 3rd of March, so this post is loooong overdue. I had an amazing time traveling with my friend in the most touristical country in the world: Thailand! Continue reading “[11D10N] The Itinerary of an Amazing Recess Break in Thailand”

[3D2N] Kuala Lumpur, the Capital of Malaysia


Finally, it happened. My first trip outside the city and comfort that is Singapore. Like any other exchange student, this trip of course had to be for Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Known to be a beautiful city with the Petronas Towers, I was excited to see what the city had to offer. Continue reading “[3D2N] Kuala Lumpur, the Capital of Malaysia”