[1D0N] Johor Bahru, Malaysia for a Short Day Trip


Currently, I am doing an exchange program in Singapore, at the Nanyang Technological University. As my first trip out of the country, we decided to do a quick shopping trip to Johor Bahru. My roommate told me that the city gets empty during Chinese Near Year so going to Malaysia will allow us to find a lot of good shop and food options that are open. Continue reading “[1D0N] Johor Bahru, Malaysia for a Short Day Trip”

[Exchange] One Month Exploring Singapore


Wow, I really wanted to post more, but I barely had any time. Being in Singapore is one of the most amazing experience I will ever have in my life. I had the opportunity to meet so many students from all over the world, start conversation about any topic, eat tone of delicious food and enjoy the view of Singapore as one of the most lively countries in Asia. In this post, I will just list everything I did so far and add tone of pictures. More detailed posts will come later. 😉 Continue reading “[Exchange] One Month Exploring Singapore”

[Blog Reads] January 2017 Part 2


Here is the second half of my January 2017’s blog reads! This month has been a pretty successful month for AI and ML. Although 2017 may be a very harsh year for everyone with all the world problems happening around the world, hopefully research and technology advancement will keep striking. Continue reading “[Blog Reads] January 2017 Part 2”

[Exchange] What to Do Near Marina Bay for Chinese New Year in Singapore


Yes!! Chinese Near Year in Singapore is awesome: there is so much to do and see!! It starts on January 28th and ends 15 days later. While a big part of the city close up during the first two days of the CNY festival (as locals decide to celebrate with their families and immigrants chose to go back home for the holidays), there are still a few top choices to go to to celebrate Chinese New Year. Here is my Top 5 attraction list of what you can do in Singapore during Chinese Near Year. Continue reading “[Exchange] What to Do Near Marina Bay for Chinese New Year in Singapore”

[6D5N] Hong Kong, China: The Ultimate Trip to HK


I am calling this trip the ultimate HK trip because I got the time to do everything I personally wanted to do and I packed each of my day to the fullest. I do want to mention though that because I arrived in the evening and had to leave really early in the morning, this post gives you an ideal full four days itinerary. Anyhow, I had so much fun in Hong Kong. Continue reading “[6D5N] Hong Kong, China: The Ultimate Trip to HK”

[1D0N] Zurich, Switzerland: My First Time in Europe


As I was going to start my semester abroad in Singapore in January, I decided to book the longest trip to get there ever. Joke, but not really. I thought that my trip to Singapore would be the perfect opportunity to travel a bit around the world before starting the semester. I hence booked with Swiss Airline and Tiger Air such that I would get 1 Day in Zurich, Switzerland and 6 days in Hong Kong. This post is about my short, but fun 10 hours itinerary in the beautiful city that is Zurich. Fun fact: Zurich is known as the city with best quality of life from 2006 to 2008. It is also known as the most expensive city in the world.

[May 2017 Update] As I had another layover on my way back to Canada, I added a few more pictures of Spring in Zurich at the end of this post! Hope you are going to enjoy them! Continue reading “[1D0N] Zurich, Switzerland: My First Time in Europe”

[Exchange] Exchange Application from McGill to NTU

One year ago, in January 2016, I applied for Exchange abroad and was accepted. This was one of the most exciting moment of the year for me and I had been talking about my upcoming new adventures to everyone I know ever since. Now, we are in January 2017 and I safely landed in Singapore. This implies that everything went well and I am now a good source to talk about the whole application process. Yeah! Hopefully, this post can be useful for my fellow McGill students, especially the ones considering applying to the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore! The application process was extremly long so hopefully this post can help you. Continue reading “[Exchange] Exchange Application from McGill to NTU”

[Blog Reads] December 2016 – January 2017

l2017blogging Hi everyone! Sorry for the belated post. December is the month of exams and studying. It was also the end of my internship/part-time job as well as the time to submit my research paper for my undergraduate courses. Furthermore, I had been traveling a lot all across the world (more posts on them coming soon). In brief, I had been overwhelmed with things to do and barely had time to blog much. We are now one week into 2017 and I am excited to share with you the recent and interesting news from all over the web, published in either December 2016 or January 2017. Since I am covering for more than 6 weeks of articles, this post is going to be long! 😛 Continue reading “[Blog Reads] December 2016 – January 2017”

[4D3N] Attending the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, 10th Edition in Austin, Texas


Last September, I had the honor of attending the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing which was held in Austin, Texas between September 14 to 17th, 2016. Thanks to a generous travel scholarship I received from the University of McGill, me and my fellow McGill student got the chance to travel down south for this week of fun workshop and conferences. Continue reading “[4D3N] Attending the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, 10th Edition in Austin, Texas”