[2D1N] Back to Hong Kong, Visiting Macau!

On my way back to Montreal, I had a short two days stay in Hong Kong. I was really excited to be back in this busy city, but I was also worried to not have enough things to do around the city. Hence, I decided to book a trip to Macau for my second day. Continue reading “[2D1N] Back to Hong Kong, Visiting Macau!”


[6D5N] Hong Kong, China: The Ultimate Trip to HK


I am calling this trip the ultimate HK trip because I got the time to do everything I personally wanted to do and I packed each of my day to the fullest. I do want to mention though that because I arrived in the evening and had to leave really early in the morning, this post gives you an ideal full four days itinerary. Anyhow, I had so much fun in Hong Kong. Continue reading “[6D5N] Hong Kong, China: The Ultimate Trip to HK”