[2D1N] Attending the Can-CWIC, 2017 Edition in Montreal, Canada

Guess where I am? I am (of course) the only girl with the eyes closed :’D

Woahh! I am so late writing this post, like a year late. But the 2018 edition is happening next month so better late than too late, right? It was a beautifully organized event and I definitely enjoyed going. I wish the organizers many years of success to encourage more women in Canada to pursue Computing professions. Continue reading “[2D1N] Attending the Can-CWIC, 2017 Edition in Montreal, Canada”


[Blog Reads] April 2018

Get excited cause this is April’s Blog Reads list! The month is passing so fast as I am ending my 4 months internship. Hence, I am writing my April post in advance. Here is a quick list of what is happening in the computer science and data science worlds.

Continue reading “[Blog Reads] April 2018”

[Blog Reads] January 2017 Part 2


Here is the second half of my January 2017’s blog reads! This month has been a pretty successful month for AI and ML. Although 2017 may be a very harsh year for everyone with all the world problems happening around the world, hopefully research and technology advancement will keep striking. Continue reading “[Blog Reads] January 2017 Part 2”

[4D3N] Attending the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, 10th Edition in Austin, Texas


Last September, I had the honor of attending the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing which was held in Austin, Texas between September 14 to 17th, 2016. Thanks to a generous travel scholarship I received from the University of McGill, me and my fellow McGill student got the chance to travel down south for this week of fun workshop and conferences. Continue reading “[4D3N] Attending the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, 10th Edition in Austin, Texas”

[Blog Reads] July 2016


There is a huge amount of information online, passionate professionals in their respective fields who are more than happy to share their knowledge and thoughts. Books are still my favorite medium to learn in-depth information compare to blogs (ten chapters on one subject vs 1000 words about someone’s opinion).  But blogs offer more diversity of point of view and that is a valuable ressource. Here are my picks for this first half of July 2016. Continue reading “[Blog Reads] July 2016”

McGill U1 Science Classes Review


At the end of April, I finished all my final exams and, hence, my first academic year at the University McGill. It was a fun year where I had the chance to meet awesome people and, for the first time, embrace the full power of pure and applied science. Indeed, with five classes per semester concentrated on quantitative subjects, it was a full learning experience and I am glad I survived. I took 4 computer classes, 4 mathematics courses and 2 economics. Here are my thoughts on the science classes I took (so omitting economics).  Continue reading “McGill U1 Science Classes Review”