[Blog Reads] Today I learned #4

I started to notice that more and more of my posts are shifting toward data science articles. It is not only because of my strong interest in the subject, but also because there are a high quality of good content coming from this field in the last few years. Everyone is saying that data science is becoming competitive and more saturated of amateur data lovers. I have to agree. Until I become a specialist myself, I just wanna join the troops of data lover. ^^ Continue reading “[Blog Reads] Today I learned #4”


[Reviews] February 2018 Books Reviews

Image result for Alibaba The House that Jack Ma Built by Duncan Clark

For this month’s book readings, I decided to add a rating system because the list is made of books I sadly did not enjoy as much as I hoped. Although it is up to the reader to try and see if they will enjoy the content (no two readers will have the exact same view), I thought that this would help me convey both positive and negative opinions without sounding too harsh. Here, I am introducing two books about two successful businessmen: Alibaba’s Ma Yun and Omaha’s Warren Buffet. Continue reading “[Reviews] February 2018 Books Reviews”

[1D1N] Cinque Terre, the Human Paradise

After weeks of culture discoveries, it is about time we start enjoying the natural beautiful sides of Italy. After many pictures and documentaries about this place, Cinque Terre is the paradise on earth we had been waiting for. Continue reading “[1D1N] Cinque Terre, the Human Paradise”

[3D4N] Visiting the Origin of Renaissance: Florence

After Paris and Rome, the next biggest cultural hot spot of the EU is definitely… Florence. This city that saw the ultimate Italian trio’s (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael) beginnings and how they inspired the whole Europe with their innovation and strike for perfection is obviously a must see. With the influence of the Medici family, Florence was the cultural center of the world during one of the most exciting period of humanity: Renaissance. They all say that as soon as you arrive in Florence, you will fall in love with it. Continue reading “[3D4N] Visiting the Origin of Renaissance: Florence”

[4D5N] Rome the Origin of the Classicism Movement

If you want to see some of the most famous art pieces in the world, if you want to see THE most impressive marble statue collection, then you have to visit Rome! We planned four days in this glorious city and it didn’t feel like enough. Here is our itinerary in list format. Continue reading “[4D5N] Rome the Origin of the Classicism Movement”

[Blog Reads] Today I Learned #1

The old monthly [Blog Reads] is going to be replaced by TIL! Basically, these posts will have a list of interesting stories, blog posts and research that I found and want to talk about. Hence, I will not be limiting myself to one post per month. Furthermore, I will try to balance these TIL lists to be longer and more informative. Enjoy! Continue reading “[Blog Reads] Today I Learned #1”