[Book Recommendations] June 2017

We are back in summer, the time of the year when I actually have time to read some books. Throughout the academic year, I have accumulated a list of books to read. I still have a long list of books to go through, but here is a first list of what I found must enlightening this month. Continue reading “[Book Recommendations] June 2017”


[Technology] Introduction to Machine Learning by R2D3


I love going on various websites and blogs to read about other people’s projects and ideas. This new interactive website created in 2015 by D2R3 simply¬†introduces the visitor to the magic science that is Machine Learning. Continue reading “[Technology] Introduction to Machine Learning by R2D3”

Famous IT Names you need to know!

After writing the review for the book¬†“Strategy Rules Five Timless Lessons from Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs” by David B. Yoffie and Michael A.Cusumano that I trully enjoyed, I felt like writing a quick recap on the lives of the famous CEO and founders of IT companies mentionned by the book. Here we go! Continue reading “Famous IT Names you need to know!”